The birth of Filistrucchi company, the oldest workshop of Florence passed on from father to son, dates back to 1720.

The secrets of the ancient craft, wigmaking tradition and make-up, have been handed down from generation to generation, and today, along with the newest and most modern techniques, help ensure valuable high quality handmade products.

We produce wigs, beards, mustaches, hairpieces, and akin in natural hair; masks and prosthetics in foam latex, silicone and papier-mâché for Theatre, Film, Television and all areas of entertainment and fashion.

Our craftworks are tailored to the client need, using carefully selected natural hair and top quality materials, recreating with the typical artisan meticulousness, the perfect reproduction of the original.


At carnival the shop explodes with energy and colors: it is the place where we can have fun together to create your character for both private parties and public events. We put our professionalism at your disposal, through our handmade products and our services.
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parrucche sintetiche esposte nella vetrina della bottegaWigs for Medical Hair Loss

Baffi arricciati applicati su un attorebeards, mustaches and akin

L'immagine raffigura una testa mozzata disposta su un vassoio d'argentospecial effects

maschera artigianale in cartapesta prodotta nel nostro laboratorio di colore aranciopapier-mâché masks

Un'attrice viene truccata per il suo ruolo in una esibizione teatralemakeup and makeup staff

maschera da Bestia della favolamasks and prosthetics

Parrucca del seicentoscene wigs

Attore con un trucco teatrale molto espressivo

Wigs for theater, to have a new look, for cancer and chemotherapy. Masks, prosthetics and makeup. ultima modifica: 2017-03-22T22:12:26+01:00 da Gherardo Filistrucchi Parrucche e Trucco