Carnival 2024

Your Carnival mask from Filistrucchi:

At carnival the shop explodes with energy and colors: it is the place where we can have fun together to create your character for both private parties and public events. We put our professionalism at your disposal, through our handmade products and our services.

For Carnival we rent wigs for all needs:

l'immagine raffigura una dama '700 con parrucca bianca in yak stile '700How would a mask without an adequate hairstyle? Why not buy or rent a wig that enhances the mask? We own a well-stocked warehouse of wigs in natural hair and we can satisfy the widest range of requests to create classic and fantasy characters, from the eighteenth-century lady (or knight) to Gandalf the Magician. Are you looking for the wig for your party in Venice? Here you can find it handmade: we do not use synthetic hair, only natural hair or yak hair, and we make wigs with the ancient processing systems handed down in the shop.

Beards, mustache and the like:

Baffi lunghi applicati ad attore che interpreta il MarescialloAs for wigs, we realize by hand on cinematic tulle in hair or yak hair every shape and and model of beards, whiskers, eyebrows to create your character. A well-made and applied beard contributes a lot to characterizing a male character, just think of Marx, Leonardo da Vinci, Dali, Lincoln, Hitler ...

Prosthetics and Masks:

To create your character it may be necessary to use implants such as noses, minds, masks that are made of latex, foamed latex or silicone. They have very thin edges to be better glued and why not see the junction between the prosthesis and the skin. We also produce papier-mâché masks by hand using molds designed and produced by us: Arlecchino, Scaramuccia, Larva veneziana, Capitano are just some of our many masks. Visit our online shop!

Make-up artists, our team at your disposal:

We have a mobile team of professional make-up artists able to satisfy your make-up and make-up requests and not only. We operate obviously both in the shop and outside. Contact us to create together your character that can also be defined with just makeup (zombies, monsters, animals, fantasy characters ...).

We sell professional cosmetics:

We are dealers of professional makeup cosmetics of major companies such as Kryolan, one of the most renowned brands in the industry. Colors for the body, aquacolor, supracolor foundations of all kinds, along with glitter, colored lacquers, caps, fluorescent colors. They are available in our shop in Via Verdi, or in the online shop. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, suggestion or advice.

We dedicated a specific article to the carnival, in which we talked about this party, the most fun of the year par excellence. Here You can deepen this history.

Some ideas through images:

In the gallery below we have reported a series of reference images that can be useful as a starting point for your character. We wish to emphasize that this gallery is indicative and not exhaustive, these are tips and examples. If you do not find the character or mask you have in mind, you are invited to come to the shop to request information, otherwise through the section contact us of the site, by sending an e-mail to or simply calling us at the shop number: +39 055 2344901.

Carnival: You can search into our shop

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