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Moustache, beards, sideburns, goatee, mutton chops and eyebrows are, like the wigs, functional to the iconographic character creation, whether it is intended for the entertainment business or in everyday life. By using these wiglets, you can transform a person in a variety of ways, either by aging it or by making it funny, or by emphasizing particular features, altering physiognomy, stretching or widening the face, even making it unrecognizable. These accessories are almost required in the creation of a character. Think, for example, of the self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci or the iconography of Che Guevara, what would they do without their beard? And Vittorio Emanuele II without moustache and lace? Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali, Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler...

We make our moustache, beards, eyebrows and wiglets by hand on very thin film of cinema tulle as foundation. This type of tulle once properly applied with a professional cosmetic mastic on the skin turns out to be totally invisible.
We also use only natural hair or animal hair, such as

Yak hair

What is a Yak?
The Yak is a bull also known as Tibetan Ox. His hair, much like human hair, has been used since the '600 to make wigs, especially white. Our shop still uses this material today to produce some types of handcrafted products.

The choice of naturally unique materials allows you to recreate the perfect iconographic reconstruction and to give the handcrafted product a natural aspect in movement.
The tulle is placed on a cardboard pattern on which the shape of the wiglet is drawn. The beards are worked on a shape that reproduces the chin while the moustaches on a shape that reproduces the upper lip.
We use crochet or


What is weaving?
Weaving is a type of chiseling workmanship on which the hair is hand-woven so that the final product looks like a kind of fringe..


These products are sold in specially packaged packs, as well as a professional cosmetic mastic sticker for gluing them, including the instructions for better application. They are sold already curled according to the shape and color required with the possibility of being customized according to your taste or necessity. If needed, at our shop, we can create your own wiglet by taking your mould or model.We also make, as usual in natural hair, pubic prostheses to recreate the possible lack of hair or to create a particularly spicy model for both the show and the everyday life.You will find an assortment of moustache, beard, sideburns, mutton chops, goatee in the shop section of this site.

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