Historical re-enactments

Historical and Religious re-enactments

Iconographic reconstructions of the characters:

Our workshop is specialized in the iconographic reconstruction of historical figures.
Our professionalism and experience is at the service of historical groups, districts, flag-wavers, parishes or organizations in general to manage the reference image of the characters in every type of historical re-enactment.
Our articles, wigs, mustaches, beards and our team of professional make-up artists are necessary to create the perfect historical iconographic reconstruction of the characters to represent.

Type of service:

We offer a global service. We carry out an historical and iconographic study, drawing from the sources of our library, one of the most complete in the sector. We provide counseling support in the choice of the cast, in the study of the iconography based on the chosen actor / interpreter; realization of the necessary products (wig, mustache, beard, lace, eyebrows, etc ...); implementation and creation of the iconography conceived and chosen through the use of our mobile team of professional make-up artists. In fact our work is not only the realization of the articles, but also the realization of the relative make-up directly on the place of historical re-enactment. Many are the realities in Italy that make use of our work as make up wigs.

Additional services:

Our comfortable make-up rooms, located on the first floor of the shop, are available as a reference point for the selection of your cast, although it is more common that we move to the appropriate place.

How to contact us:

We are at your service for any advice. Do not hesitate to send us your requests using the contact us section of this site or by sending us an e-mail at: infofilistrucchi.com or simply calling us: +39 055 2344901.

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