Special effects

Special effects

Using make-up, the application of prosthetics and the use of masks we realize your transformation project, whether it is intended for theater or cinema, for a party, for carnival or halloween, for a folklore event, for historical re-enactment in costume and not, for cosplay or steampunk interpretations ...
In many "stage" situations, the level of realism increases creating special effects such as cuts, fractures, burns, wounds, scars and so on ...

Some areas of application

This constantly evolving field of make-up is used not only in cinema, television or video shooting in general, but also during re-enactments or historical correspondence, whether they are Good Friday Passions, reconstructions of battles or historical events. Our shop is also specialized in this sector using, where necessary, even wigs, beards and mustache made by us.

Our philosophy

The constant search for ever more innovative materials, together with imagination, professionalism and continuous contact with qualified health personnel allows us to create special effects of make-up that are more and more plausible. In fact we collaborate with important hospitals to create, with makeup and special effects, special situations or pathologies for the perfect reproduction of reality in order to better train the health personnel.

In the photo gallery below we have reported some of our works.

For a complete transformation visit our sections dedicated to wigs, beards and mustache, papier-mache and latex masks and prostheses.

Our mobile make-up team

Our mobile makeup team is available for the perfect iconographic reconstruction of historical figures and not only for theater, television, cinema, weddings, events and re-enactments in costume, carnival, Halloween, cosplay and much more ... Obviously we will go there on set of the event.

Makeup rooms available

We can make available our makeup rooms, located on the first floor of the shop, also functional as logistic support for film and theater productions in the historic center of Florence. To design your special makeup effects with us or to book these services you can call us at +39 055 2344901 or you can send us your requests using the contact us section of the site, or writing us an email at infofilistrucchi.com .

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