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Wigs and Toupets, our Production

We make wigs and toupees in human natural hair according to the ancient tradition of our shop's tradition.

lavorazione di una parrucca: Tessitura
wig making: work in progress

Our production is not just for the entertainment world. We are also specialized in the prosthetic sector for bald subjects ie in cases where it is necessary to use wigs, toupees, tails, braids, brackets, hairpieces and the like as a result of baldness, alopecia, trauma, cycles of medical treatments that generate lack of hair.

We use carefully selected natural human hair and top quality materials, recreating, with typically artisan care, the perfect reproduction of the original. The color, structure and movement of the hair are chosen together with the client according to his desire or his needs.

The search for new products together with our "know-how" acquired in the shop and handed down to us by those who preceded us, allows us to find suitable solutions to the needs of our customers.

La foto ritrae lavorazione di una parrucca con effetto cute in silicone
production phase of a wig with skin effect in silicone made in our workshop
Realizzazione a mano presso la nostra bottega di Toupet da uomo in capelli naturali su silicone per riprodurre l'effetto naturale del cuoio capelluto.
Hand Realization at our shop of Men's toupet in natural hair on silicone to reproduce the natural effect of the scalp.

We produce, entirely at our shop, wigs and toupees with natural skin effect made of anallergic silicone. This allows you to give a natural effect to the product.

We have reserved test rooms

We have reserved test rooms with mirrors and adequate lighting in which the privacy of each customer is respected and guaranteed. Here you can dedicate calmly to the choice of wig or hairpiece that best suits your needs.Our professionalism and experience is put at your disposal. In particular, the craftsmanship, the love for our work combined with that "Know-How" learned in the shop and received by those who preceded the keys to make "true to life" and customized for each customer: each craft work is different from the other.

Our production and maintenance of natural hair wigs:

The materials used to make the wig


What is the cap of a wig?
The cap, or mount, is the base of the wig that, in the case of new jobs, we realize specifically taking the measurements of the head of the customer.

are all natural; we use cotton, silk or gaze on which the previously selected human natural hair is applied through the crochet or


What is weaving?
Weaving is a type of weaving done on a loom on which the hair is hand-woven so that the final product appears as a sort of fringe.

technique. In some parts of the cap small springs are placed to improve the adhesion of the cap to the head. The created article turns out to be the same as a tailor-made dress.
We perform maintenance, washing, color, conditioning and adaptation of your wigs in natural hair of both modern and ancient.

Synthetic wigs:

lavorazione di una parrucca: montatura
wig making: work in progress

We also have standard synthetic wigs at

low prices.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune ...

Many synthetic wigs that we offer are still reimbursed up to € 300.00, guaranteed by the Tuscany Region. Ask us for the methods at the time of purchase. [/ Cl-popup]The synthetic wigs we sell are not made in our laboratory, but are produced by major industry names.You will find an assortment of standard synthetic wigs in the shop section of this site.We also make wigs for re-enactments, historical processions, theater, cinema, television, documentaries, fashion, photography, historical and vintage reconstructions, carnival, halloween, role-playing games, cosplay, steampunk...

We also perform pubic prostheses worked by hand in natural hair. Bind your hair to make toupet, tails, braids, stirrups.

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