Filistrucchi: wigs and more...

You are invited to search our range of wigs, beards, mustaches, masks and prosthetics of all kinds, handmade exclusively by us. You can also buy professional makeup cosmetics useful for creating your character.


How to search the shop

We have divided this shop into categories to facilitate you in the search for products: wigs, mustache and beards, masks and prosthetics, papier-mâché masks, cosmetics, wigs for daily use, rental wigs for shows. We have also created special categories that are active at certain times of the year, carnival, halloween, Christmas.
What if I can't find the product I was looking for?

If inside the online shop you can't find the product you want or are thinking about, please contact us !!!! We are artisans: we will make your product, be it a wig, a beard, mustache or a prosthesis.

how to contact us

You can send us your request or from the contacts us section of the site or by sending an e-mail to: or simply by calling us: +39 055 2344901.

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