Prosthetics and masks in latex, foamed latex and silicone

Our production is not limited to the creation of wigs, mustaches, beards and similar in natural hair according to the ancient and traditional technique of the workshop. We are also specialized in the production of prosthetics: noses, minds, ears, full masks, to realize the perfect iconographic reconstruction of the character to be represented.

What are these prosthetics and what are they used for?

trucco da CYRANO con l'utilizzo di naso, parrucca, baffi e pizzo
Makeup Filistrucchi Cyrano using nose, wig, mustache and goatee

Pinocchio or Cyrano, known all over the world for their nose, would not be identifiable scenically without this particularity. To make certain features more evident, some prostheses are used. The use of pictorial make-up would not clearly render the image of the characters represented.

We manufacture prosthetics and complete masks in pre-vulcanised liquid latex or in foamed latex or silicone using either our standard molds or making new ones on your impression.

This allows us to offer you more and more new and customized solutions, developing at best your personal transformation project. Whatever the context: theatrical or cinematic representation, courting or historical re-enactment, cosplay or role-playing games (rpg), we will be with you.
The choice of using liquid or foamed latex or silicone, in the realization of the prosthesis or mask, depends on the scenic result we want to achieve in relation to the scenic context in which we operate.

A small overview of prosthetics and masks

Below You'll see an overview of noses, ears, minds and standard prostheses that you can buy in the shop section of our site.
Standard products can be adapted or rethought for any role or compatible interpretation, their destination is indicative and referred to the character for which they are born.

For a complete transformation visit our sections dedicated to wigs, ai beards and mustaches e alle papier-mâché masks. If you can not find the mask or prosthesis you need, you can ask for the one you most want by sending your request from the section contact us contact us on the site or sending us an e-mail or simply calling us; Our professionalism is put at your disposal to help you in the iconographic reconstruction that you most desire.

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