The theater has always been symbolically identified with the mask.

We have to go back to the times of ancient Greece when in the theatrical performances the actor played several characters in the same opera.
The mask, which the actors changed on stage, was born for this need. Reproduced the various "characters" of the character: from the age, to the face of a woman (who at that time did not play), a young man or an old man, from feelings of pain to those of joy or sadness.
At that time the masks were generally made of plaster and canvas, wood or leather. They all had the common feature of having a very large mouth to make the actor's voice better heard in the great theaters of the time. They had very marked eyes, nose, eyebrows, because from a distance these traits assumed the real dimensions of the face. The masks were also provided with hair of various colours, depending on the character to represent. They had more or less long beards of various shapes

In addition to wigs and works in silicone and latex, we produce handmade papier-mâché masks that we can make on our molds or, depending on your needs, also tailor-made on your impression. The impression of the customer is taken with professional cosmetic silicones, together with plastered bandages, which replicate the original in detail. The disposable prototype of the designed mask is made of plasticine on the customer's cast. The definitive mold for the creation of the paper mask comes from this prototype.
In making the mask we use paper and vinyl glue, we colour the product by hand with colours of important brands in the industry.
Whether it's a traditional mask of the commedia dell'arte, like Arlecchino or Pulcinella, a Bauta, the mask for a modern or fancy character, our laboratory puts at your disposal the experience of almost three centuries of activity at the service ofTheater and the world of entertainment in general.
Below is an overview of our papier-mâché masks that you can buy in the shop section of this site.
Standard products can be adapted or rethought for any role or compatible interpretation, their destination is indicative and referred to the character for which they are born.If you can not find your favorite mask, you can easily ask for the one you want most or send your request from the contact us section of this site, or writing us an email to: or simply calling us at the number: +39 055 2344901.

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