A wig can be part of our look, allowing frequent changes in color and cut, even from morning to afternoon, without attacking skin and hair with aggressive products. We can consider it like a hat, a scarf or gloves!
But in case of hair loss, both temporary and permanent, a wig can help preserve and enhance our usual image, through the choice of color and cut that makes us feel at ease. There are different shapes and materials, with costs ranging from about € 100 upwards.
There are many causes that lead to total or partial, temporary or permanent hair loss. Some diseases (androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata) or some therapies (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) have the effect of decreasing or even the disappearance of hairs.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy cause temporary hair loss, but the effect of simultaneity and suddenness can be emotionally very strong. It is common that one feels uncomfortable and closes oneself, with disastrous emotional consequences. This discomfort is so strong and felt that it has moved the state towards the recognition of the wig as a medical device, recognizing its detrability and some regions in particular reimbursements.
This showcase of selected natural and synthetic wigs can give you a basic idea, but coming to visit us in the store, calling the number: +39 055 2344901 or writing to infofilistrucchi.com you will have a personalized dialogue, even at home.

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