Wig Mimma

Wig Mimma


Short hair for sporty, nice and dynamic personalities.

  • espresso mix

    espresso mix

  • hotchocolate mix

    hotchocolate mix

  • chocolate mix

    chocolate mix

  • hazelnut mix

    hazelnut mix

  • lightbernstein rooted

    lightbernstein rooted

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    darksand mix

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    lighthoney mix

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    champagne rooted

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    lightpearl mix

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    snow mix



Partial monofilament – vertex
Synthetic hair

The synthetic fiber of this wig appears naturally bright and very similar to the true hair. Combing it is really simple, so combing is always perfect and easy to touch with your hands. Particularly important is that the fiber offers a great choice of original and brilliant colors.

Extremely light.
Ready to get out – Synthetic fiber wigs already have a definite haircut and retain their original crease even after washing.
Bright and original colors.
Easy to maintain.
Great choice of models.
Wig cutting can be tailored to suit customer needs.

Attention: Synthetic fiber can withstand heat sources. Also, repeated rubbing can be harmful to its integrity.

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