Witch Nose

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The witch is a mythological figure with supernatural powers.

In various cultures, witches are addicted to the practice of magic and possess hidden powers derived from being in contact with the devil or in any case with supernatural entities. These powers are used almost exclusively to harm.
Witches appear above all like grim old women (although the figure of the beautiful and fascinating witch does not lack), sometimes represented next to a spinning yarn or in the act of knitting nodes, to invoke the idea of revenge, weaving the destiny of men and posing them in front of a thousand obstacles.
Every witch of the tradition is accompanied by some strange animal, the familiar, with diabolical characters, who would act as an adviser of his mistress. Typical familiars are the cat, the owl, the crow, the mouse and the toad.
Because their magical practices are based on the cycle of nature, witches are often depicted in open spaces. There are, however, many pictures of witches in their homes, intent to prepare a magic filter or about to leave for the sabbat.
Another traditional and very popular witch image represents her in flight on a broomstick. This iconography explicitly states his kinship with Befana, and the membership of both figures in the popular imagination of mediators between the world of the living and the dead.


Witch nose handmade and hand colored by us in latex; produced with subtle edges to better glue them and avoid seeing the prosthesis junction with the skin when properly applied and made up.
This mask is sold in a special package containing a professional cosmetic mastic phial to glue it and a user guide for the application.

This nose can be matched to the witch chin as shown in the small picture at the bottom left of the image of the product; The chin is art. MNL001

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